Marine Condensers

We offer a range of services for the maintenance and servicing of condensers which include:

Manufacture of new Condenser

Serck manufacture marine condensers with ferrous and non ferrous tubes, low fin tubes, fin block condensers from our stock tubes. We stock a wide range of plates with thickness ranging from ½” to 2” in marine naval brass which helps us to manufacture marine condenser within a week time.


We have number of teams who are fully equipped to undertake all types of re-tubing assignments, whether the vessel is alongside, as a riding squad or in one of our dedicated workshops. Tubes can be supplied from our large and comprehensive stock of ferrous or non-ferrous tubes.

Condenser Cleaning

Return your condensers to their maximum operating performance by having a Serck working team carry out a full clean. Options include:

  • High Pressure water lancing
  • Rotary wire brush
  • Brush shooting
  • Water drilling (for totally blocked tubes)
  • Water jetting at approx 30,000 psi to open tubes blocked with calcium salphate
  • Re-circulating Chemical Clean by monitoring ph levels

Condenser Testing

Planned maintenance is crucial to an efficient operation where potential and existing problems can be highlighted and dealt with. Serck can help you in this process with the following testing operations:

  • Eddy Current tube test
  • Pressure Testing
  • Dye and black light test
  • Individual tube test


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