Marine Charge Air Cooler

Vibrosonic Cleaning

This very effective method of cleaning CAC supersedes ultrasonic cleaning. The coolers are submerged in a vibrosonic tank for a certain period depending upon the inspection of coolers and cleaned. The coolers are weighed prior to, and after, cleaning to demonstrate how much congealed oil and dirt has been removed during the cleaning process; differentials of 20 – 30 kg are common.

Tube Liners and Inserts

We stock and install a range of bespoke liners specifically for marine CAC. Leaking and plugged tubes can be restored fully operational.

Air Cooler Restoration Process

Most of the Charge Air Coolers have heavily blocked tubes with calcium sulfate and cannot be easily water drill. Serck is the only company in the Middle East has special equipment to water jet tubes at approx 30,000psi and open tubes without damaging the bare tube. Provided the fins are of an acceptable standard Serck is able to restore most marine CAC to perform at 98% of the original design duty.




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